About CyberTec

At CyberTec, we bridge the gap between cybersecurity vendors' global aspirations and local relevance in this lucrative market. Expanding into new regions or scaling within existing ones presents unique challenges, but outsourcing your sales to us ensures success. With our specialized local expertise, consultative approach, proven track record, deep market insights, and cost-efficient strategies, we are your key to thriving in these dynamic markets.

We Make Cybersecurity Companies Successful

Our innovative “Sales-as-a-Service” model serves as your regional sales powerhouse:

Our Approach

● Embracing 3 pillars of success: Sales, Channel, and Marketing

● From Lead Generation to Full Sales Cycle Management and Business Development, Where We go Beyond Sales, Offering Tailored Solutions Through Our Consultive Approach


Why Partner with CyberTec?

We design and implement tailored strategies that accelerate regional expansion and market penetration. Our services are more affordable than traditional Market Development Funds (MDFs), offering significant cost savings. Our leadership, expertise, and extensive reach ensure that we deliver measurable success for our partner vendors.

Key Benefits

● Customized Go-to-Market Strategies: Quick and effective entry into the MEA market with our customized go-to-market strategies.

Expert Sales Leadership: Benefit from our seasoned sales leadership and industry expertise.

Extensive Reach: Leverage our vast network of customers, distributors, and channel partners to expand your market footprint.

Scalable Solutions: Flexible, scalable sales outsourcing solutions that grow with your business needs.

Thank you for visiting CyberTec.ai, welcome to the era of cyber resilience. At the outset, let me share with you a statement that clouds my mind. Isn’t the cybersecurity market overcrowded already? Yet there is an ever-increasing influx! This brings me to another question: If so, then why are perpetrators always ahead of the game?

Let me give you another outlook- today, over 90% of cybersecurity professionals anticipate malicious AI-powered attacks. This is because AI research is publicly available and it can be used to build intelligent, continuously learning exploits by attackers. In adversarial attacks, attackers even change the inputs of machine learning models to cause the model to make mistakes. Even if we all tend to agree that it’s not a human scale problem anymore, how may we box the billions of data bits and time-varying signals sent from all corners? While new layers and surfaces both horizontally and vertically keep getting added to the organisation’s tech processes.

To address the exponentially increasing region’s demand of Cyber security tools and services, Cybertec offers one-of-a-kind unique combination of Sales-as-service option for technology vendors and cyber security services for end-customers. Cybertec’s Technology Sales Representative (TSR) focuses on success of the technology vendors in the region and Cyber security services (CSS) provides Cyber security staffing, Testing & Auditing, Compliance and Professional Services to safe-guard digital landscape of customer.

At CyberTec, we assure you best of customer’s experience ensuring world class services at unmatched commercials.


Founder, Cybertec Dubai, UAE